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“EV Doctor™ can not only bring a radical shift in the EV industry but also increase the performance of present-day battery technologies.”

-Yogendra Patil, Managing Director, Technohub18

“Since 8 years of my experience in energy tech and startups, EV Doctoris the only innovation that can bring value to this large group of stakeholders.”

-Shubham Zanje, Founder, Huse Ventures

“Within a month of usage of EV Doctor, I was able to train my technicians and operators to analyze battery health that reduced my business costs.”

-Kalpesh Jain, Owner, EVexpert

“From CDC to hand-held testing equipment, EV Doctor is the first most efficient and optimal solution for end-to-end battery life cycle management.”

-Gwendolyn Dünner, BLM Engineer, Hitachi High-Tech Europe GmbH

“E-Vega has achieved noteworthy technological excellence with its intensive research in battery technology and intelligent systems algorithms.”

-Dr. Qiang Dai, Energy Systems Division, Argonne National Laboratory